Are online fortnightly experiences within a safe container, supporting your internal growth and guidance system to awaken, activate, and illuminate. Experience your Souls Knowing, Truth and Connection to Self through experiencing Language of Light, Activating Sound Codes, and Dimond Plasma.

Being supported by your Higher Self, your Guides, Mother Gaia, Planetary Systems and so much for an internal awakening journey to your Souls Highest Truth.

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1:1 Sessions 

Megans has a 45 min Heart & Soul Recalibration Session or a 90 min Heart & Soul Session. These are tailored sessions according to the client’s needs – your unique blueprint is a sacred sovereign piece of the puzzle for your knowing, truth and evolution. Megan uses her numerous modalities to support your Soul, Higher Self, and Heart to come HOME!

Let’s take a journey together…

How Megan works is with her Guides and the Collective Energies of her Star Family, knowing and connection to the Ancestors of this planet, Archangels, and Angelic Beings of the light! All uniquely working through Megan to support your sovereign being on a transformational journey! 

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Cosmic Journey of Your Soul  

This 12-week online supportive container is to amplify your Hearts Blueprint – your Cosmic Self! Allowing your true natural state to be birthed from within – starting the week of 26 September 2022.

Advanced Cosmic Journey

This is where I work with you 1:1 for 90 mins up to 2 hours each connection to co-create what is holding you back, illuminate, and support you to turn on your dormant gifts, and abilities – whilst supporting and educating you on how to use your gifts, undertake missions together and so much more!

Via appointment only – Deep Dive for Qualification

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