• Moon Cycles and Energy

    18 Lessons
    • Moon Cycles and Energy - $24.99

    COMING SOON Are you ready to invest in yourself, and understand why you might be feeling the way you do around New & Full Moons? Then this eCourse is right up your alley. Easy step-by-step modules to showcase what, why, how, and when. If this sounds interesting, then press Moon Cycles and Energy button to find out more about the course and the benefits this investment will give you.

  • How To Be Me - My Soul

    9 Lessons
    • How To Be Me - My Soul - $18.99

    COMING SOON - In this eCourse - you will learn to put yourself first with Self-Care, Self-Love, and Worthiness. How to support yourself through techniques Megan has personally used throughout her whole life and recently in her healing journey since 2018. Let Megan show you how to embrace yourself wholeheartedly with her three main principles of Loven’ Light, and her guiding tools to reclaim your inner beauty, learn to love yourself and embrace your Soul!

  • Love and Being Loved

    0 Lessons

      COMING SOON - In this eCourse - you will find out how much you actually love yourself. How to embrace and learn techniques of self-love, wholeheartedly and unlock your own sovereignty. Megan wholeheartedly believes you require to learn to love yourself before someone will truly love ‘the whole’ you! By using these techniques, you are allowing yourself to become its magical and soulful light. This course is tailored for teenagers, young mothers and kick-ass women who need that extra confidence within their life.

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