Moon Cycles and Energy

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What’s Moon Cycles and Energy eCourse?

I was guided by my Light Warriors to deliver affordable eCourses for all the incredible Souls. To be open and expose yourself to new and exciting methods to support your growth and unique journey within this life. All these tools, ideas, and strategies are and will support you to become the best version of yourself.

Enjoy the eCourse Love! x

What You’ll Get From The eCourse 

Moon Cycles and Energy is an experience. It is designed to be completed at your own pace and undertaking each module with love and understanding from your heart. As part of the eCourse, you will get:

1. Lifetime access to the eCourses content: each module has been designed to give you an overview and insight into the energy associated with the New and Full Moons. These have been channeled from my Light Warriors and beyond to support you with your journey of understanding, acknowledgment, and techniques to support your Soul and Human body. 


2. Learn how to embrace the energy: sitting with your emotions, intentions and allowing yourself to become the light within, instead of being the triggers and or dark from within.  

3. Raise your vibration: use the eCourses to support your light and energy – aura and raise your vibration from within which will activate a positive flow on effect within your home, workplace, and social environments. 

4. Work with your triggers not against them at each Moon Cycle: you will gain the knowledge and tools to support your energy within the New and Full Moon Lunar Phases. Learning about why it affects you, the ‘pull’, and what is associated with the New & Full Moon to support unmet wounds with love. 

Course Outline 


  • About Megan
  • About the Course
  • Moon Cycles and Their Influence

Part One

  • Moon Cycles and Energy
  • Love Wins Over Hate
  • Embracing The Energy Pull

Part Two

  • Supporting My Energy
  • Grounding
  • Triggers and The Effects

Part Three

  • Overview New Moon
  • New Moon Ceremony
  • Before and After New Moons

Part Four

  • Overview Full Moon
  • Full Moon Ceremony
  • Before and After Full Moons

Part Five

  • Thank You
  • Additional Extras
  • Additional Support Links


The Moon Cycles & Energy eCourse is a one-time investment of $29.99 USD. Lifetime access to the course content enables you to revisit the eCourse as often as you like for reassurance, guidance, or unlocking additional support from within.

Moon Cycles & Energy Reaction’s 

“Thank you, Megan. This course was what I was looking for to support my understanding and knowledge around the Moon Cycles and why I have been feeling the way I have”.

Bryce – Victoria, Australia.

“This course supported me, thank you so much for your insight, Megan”

Cyndee – Canada

“Cheers for the love mate”

Wendy – USA & Aussie


Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

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