Gateways to Ascension 

Work with the Blueprints and Gateways that live inside your Hearts Portal.  

This program works on supporting you to unlock your unique potential, gifts, and abilities, whilst catapulting you into the next version of yourself! 

The Gateways to Ascension Program is your unique Souls Blueprint of your True Soul Self, the Star Dust – the Magic of you. Each Soul has the ability to discover their potential- like a telescope, finding, seeing, and uncovering what is waiting for you to heal, feel, and embody with love and grace. 

Fear, Anger, Disappointment, and Loss are some of the feelings you will feel to enhance your body’s overall capacity to receive more light, to be guided and healed going through this program. The 3D Matrix is an illusion, trying to keep you small, however, with your Unique Ascension Journey pushing you forward to discover your capabilities, this allows your true heart’s desires, intentions, and authentic relationship to open to the wonders of life – let’s expand, grow and remember who you truly are!   

The first aspects of the Universal Gateways are Compassion, Life, and What’s Holding You Back.

Awaken Your True Soul Self, Purpose, and Potential?

Heal the Wounds That Are Keeping You Small?

Free Yourself From Self-sabotaging Patterns?

Free Yourself From Limiting Beliefs, Fear & Doubt?

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Break Down The Lineage Patterning?

Step In To A Confidence Life That Is The True You?

Gateways of Ascension is working with three key areas of your life 

  1. Compassion 
  2. What Is Holding You Back
  3. Life  

These are gateways that live inside your Hearts Portal to open you up to the EVER expanding you. By accessing these gateways you are accessing parts of your unconscious mind from this life, past lives, and lives outside the realm of 3D, Earth, and Self! 

Allowing you to access three key areas of your Human Experience to open up to your spiritual self – the Multidimensional Being that you are! 

Book your 1:1 Sessions or Complimentary Clarity Call with me to see how the Gateways of Ascension Program can support you. 

Megan tailors her sessions according to the client’s needs – your unique blueprint is a sacred sovereign piece of the puzzle for your knowing, truth and evolution. Megan uses her numerous modalities to support your Soul, Higher Self, and Heart to come HOME!

Let’s take a journey together…

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