About Megan J

Starting with the wild stuff seems a bit risky, right? 

Maybe you’ll love me at first sight, maybe you need a few warm-up laps before you dive into the quantum transformations that is my beloved soul work. 

So, here’s an invitation to get to know me a little better…

First, a tiny backtrack! Before I embodied my soul work, my career navigated the ups and downs of the Community Services arena. I was a highly skilled community services practitioner with experience in child protection, mental health, domestic violence, drugs and alcohol, sexual abuse, and homelessness.

I loved my work but wading through government systems was far more draining than popping through the odd intergalactic portal in search of energies that could truly support the spiritually aware clients that had begun to seek me out. Now I take my practical knowledge form the 3D arena and support spiritualists to elevate, evolve and enhance their knowing, and enhance why they are here on Earth!

In 2015 the cosmic consciousness that has been part of my life on and off since birth began an irresistible pull that has since taken me weird and most wonderful rides. 

I no longer feel awkward about being different or need to fit in, with other people’s beliefs. I’m not juggling and yanking on different hats every day, trying to connect with the people around me. And I finally feel really good about myself!!

You are the artist of your life:

your multidimensional self is leading the way

Are you ready for the adventure of adventures,

that you’ve been seeking for lifetimes?

High frequency ‘conversations’, multidimensional meditations, ancient journeys of the sacred feminine, sound healing, light language, and DNA sequencing are just a few of the daily experiences that I bring alive, through co-creation with my clients.

Since letting go of my 3D career, my galactic teams aka ‘The Collective’, have activated the highest wisdom through me, inviting my clients to embody the heart healing, wholeness, and contentment that is available for every one of us. We are all truly beloved.

My galactic work alchemises your physical and energetic eco-system, to bring your truth alive, supporting your DNA with codes, activations, and energetic explorations that bring the energy of HOME alive within you.

This work is ever-expanding, I’m receiving new downloads and activations from The Collective every other day. This means I’m totally aware 3D reality deceives us! (That’s a big deal… seriously!) 

If you’re already connecting with the wisdom of Gaia, exploring your inner alchemy, and expanding your soul presence, there’ sooooo much more we can explore together!

It’s time to purge the old, trapped masculine, clear your mind and heart: learning to harmonies your divine feminine and masculine essence’s

Here’s what I know… It’s time to bring Heaven to Earth.

Are You In!?

Whatever you choose, you’re SO loved. 

Earth is transforming… and each of us has a journey to explore that transcends the loneliness, being misunderstood, being different, the confusion that comes from ‘not knowing why’ you experienced what you have so far…

It’s time to clear the decks of ALL the lives that keep you limited in this one… wherever and whoever you were back then. Any planet. Any star. Any galaxy. 

I invite you to KNOW YOURSELF WHOLE-HEARTEDLY… it’s beyond anything you’ve experienced so far. 

Bliss IS possible. 

THE BIGGEST LOVE of Universe is ready to receive your presence… 

Contact me to chat how we can quickly and easily, activate and alchemise the next quantum leap of your soul. 

I love you – Megan J xx

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