4-month Journey with Megan J

Starting the week of 31st October 2022

Heart, Soul Awakening & Remembering Online Container is a 4-month weekly live Group Amplifying Connections – with Megan J.

Looking at areas of:

  • Deep self and lineage healing within this realm, planetary systems, and interstellar consciousness

  • Explore your connection with Gaia

  • Unlock your cosmic memory

  • Connect with your Ancestry, Starseed essences

  • Release stored energy, trauma, wounding, and karmic imprints

  • Awaken & Remember your True Soul Self

  • Expand your vibration and consciousness

  • Open your Heart to the portals that live within

  • Clear blockages within your Energy Centres

This 12-week online supportive container is to amplify your Hearts Blueprint – Your Cosmic Self!

Allowing your true natural state to be birthed from within. 

The Energy Exchange is:

  • 4-month weekly live Group Amplifying Connections – with Megan J

  • Exclusive Access to Megan J (check-in service specifically channeled for your needs – when required) via WhatsApp

  • 3 x 1:1 session with Megan J

  • 3 x Special Guest

  • Intuitively mentoring, educating, and unlocking your Ecosystem

  • Supporting & Activating the Energy Centres

  • Channeled messages Channelled

  • Plus, Facebook Group Support

  • And, so, so, so much more


The Exchange

  • $5,500 AUD 
  • payment plans available to suit your individual circumstances
  • $300 deposit. 

Resister HERE!!!

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