1:1 Connections

45 mins Heart & Soul Realignment Session supports your Heart, Soul, and Energy Centres to be in alignment with Self.

Using many modalities to support your internal Ecosystem to be in alignment to the current energies and support you with your internal environment to be balanced, supported and within cocreation with each other.

This sacred work comprises working with the Quantum, your Heart Portal, alchemizing your Vessel, activating your dormant DNA coding, Inner Child, Ego, and Subconscious Mind. Access points in your Soul to give you Gifts and work with your abilities – such things as Language of Light, Access Codes, Dragons, Mermaids, Fairies, Sacred Geometry and so much more!

Channeling of ancient wisdom and guidance may also come through as I work with the high Realm Council and Beings such as:
Galactic Indigenous Elders of this Planet
Mother Mary, Michael, Gabrial, and Jesus
Planetary, Stellar & Interstellar Consciousness
Mother Gaia, Father Sky and the Dragon, Fairy & Mermaid Realms are inside our Earth’s crust now.
Council of Light, The Merdian, and Aporia (The New Atlantis)
Galactic Races: Pleiadians, Sirians, Lyrans, Arcturus, Mantas Beings and so much more

These are just to name a few things that might transpire with your connection with me.

From one 90min Session, this beautiful Soul was able to turn on her DNA from 5 activate to 12, this particular Soul will be able to turn on the remainder of 32 that she has in her lineage over time.

Have the Sword of Light be activated with her body to use to support humanity and the low vibrational areas within Earth!

Access to the White Gates inside her Heart Portal for her own wonderment and internal bliss to transpire when she feels the call to do so.

The Blue Sapphire illuminates the Soul’s own knowing and truth from within to support the journey here on Earth.  

The Mermaid Guide was activated within the Souls’ vessel and she is able to see, hear, feel and use this Mermaid to support her existence within the 3D Realm. 

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